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Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStand Up Paddling has exploded and spread all over the world because it can be done where ever there is water, from the islands to the middle of Kansas.  We paddle everywhere from the local bays,  rivers and lakes to open water downwinders in the ocean and surfing our local breaks.

​SUP is for everyone from little kids to those with a lot of experience in life. Everyone can stand up on their first day and move through the skills to have fun paddling on protected waters.

Stand Up boards are much wider than surfboards and very stable. The paddle is the same shape as a canoe paddle but longer and together you can cruise along at a very smooth speed checking out the view down into the water and across the surface.  Everyone gets a PFD, aka a life jacket and a leash that velcros to your ankle so when you fall off the board its always close to climb back on.

With Aloha Guides, you can take advantage of various levels of Stand Up Paddle Board lessons:

For more information about SUP lessons and instruction, contact us by clicking here or simply give us a call at 732-735-2156. We guarantee that you’ll have a great time taking on a new challenge and really enjoy getting out on the water the way that SUP offers!

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