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SUP Surfing

IMG_1615If you have ever wanted to get into surfing but haven’t yet or getting through the beginner stage and mastering the “pop-up” discouraged you then SUP is the answer. ​

SUP takes the hardest part of surfing out of the equation because you’re already standing. It will take some time to get comfortable on a SUP but put the time in on flatwater and ventureing into the ocean and catching waves will not be far away.

If you already surf but want a new addiction to get you on the water and keep you in shape SUP is it. SUP boards can catch all those tiny waves that we get stuck with during the hot days of summer. You’re also rewarded with very long rides instead of sitting in your beach chair wishing it was waist to chest and clean. If it gets choppy then you go for a coastal cruise and  fun on water work out.

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